The System Series is a collection of novels that are based on, or around, every planet in our Solar System.

'Jupiter - Illusions of Faith' is the first novel in this series.

Each novel (or, in some cases, series of novels) will be completely stand-alone and independent from the rest. They are created in their own universe and do not cross over.

The next novel in the System Series is 'Pluto - Secrets Within' (yes, in my universe, Pluto is a planet) and it will be released in the first half of 2015, so make sure you keep an eye out for free content leading up to the release.

After that will come 'Mars - Twin Prophecies' and 'Mars - End of Days'.

The rest have yet to be written, but I have big plans for Earth. Very big plans. :-)

So stay tuned and make sure you follow me on whatever social media platform you prefer or subscribe below to keep up to date.

All the best,

Kynan Waterford

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