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This is my official website, where you can access FREE content related to my novels, find out more about my books, learn more about me, ask me a question (and maybe have it answered in a video), and make a comment or leave a review.

In case you're not familiar with my work, my novels are unashamedly adventurous. I personally dislike it when plot lines are predictable or the characters are unbelievable. And so, in my own writing, I strive to be unique and always let my characters ‘do the talking’.

Because of this, I often reach a point during the first draft of my novels when even I don’t know how things will be resolved. It forces my plotlines to evolve within the universe I have created and although it presents me with quite a challenge on occasion, it means that I get to enjoy finding out how everything comes together in the end, just as much as you will.

So welcome once again and thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoy my website!

Kynan Waterford


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